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Comment on Protective Wallets For Wedding Cards & Invitations

Protective Wallets For Wedding Cards & Invitations

Posted on Friday 30th of June 2017

Perfect for keeping valuable articles safe from harm, protective wallets are inherently durable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The versatility of these plastic sleeves allow them to be put to use in a wide range of situations, but one of the most popular is in the preservation of keepsakes and articles for use at a later date. Commonly utilised for this purpose by scrapbookers, origamist, and all sorts of other hobbyists, custom-sized protective plastic wallets can be...Read More

Comment on Why The UK Needs A Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

Why The UK Needs A Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

Posted on Thursday 30th of March 2017

For the past few months, news feeds and TV chat show conversations have been littered with a very pressing subject: plastic bottles. There's been another massive push this year to introduce container deposit legislation, where consumers pay a small charge (no more than 10p) which is returned to them when the bottle is recycled. Despite its long term implementation in Norway and South Australia, and successful rollout in Scotland, the government already rejected a UK plastic bottle...Read More

Comment on 10 Ways To Reuse Plastic Milk Bottles

10 Ways To Reuse Plastic Milk Bottles

Posted on Tuesday 28th of February 2017

Modern recycling is a marvel, but it has some severe shortcomings. While cardboard boxes, tin cans and almost everything made out of glass can be reused with ease, plastic bottles pose a particular challenge for recycling companies. Plastic milk bottles in particular are omnipresent in every household, so to help reduce the unnecessary waste they create, here's 10 clever DIY ways to reuse them: #1. Plant Pots Upcycling is all the rage right now. There's a charm to repurposing domestic...Read More

Comment on 2017 plastic resolution: 5 simple ways to help the ocean

2017 plastic resolution: 5 simple ways to help the ocean

Posted on Monday 30th of January 2017

We've always struggled to balance our huge demand for plastic with its potential environmental harm. The last few years has seen admirable attempts to cut back the ways plastic can threaten animal and plant life, but that fight will only continue if ordinary people play their part. For 2017, the Plastic Wallet shop is putting forth a resolution. Here's our 5 simple ways you can help the ocean with how you consume and dispose of plastic: #1. Use less plastic According to National...Read More

Comment on 7 Tips For Smart Christmas Recycling

7 Tips For Smart Christmas Recycling

Posted on Wednesday 21st of December 2016

There are so many fun things to do around the Christmas period: go to extravagant parties filled with alcohol, delve into big buffets with your friends, or wrap up those last minute presents. Decorating your magnificent tree with glistening tinsel, baubles and all sorts, not forgetting the delicately wrapped gifts underneath. Being caught up in all the madness and fun we are having, we don't realise how wasteful we can be around this time of year. With presents and parties at the...Read More

Comment on Christmas Plastic Crafts Decorations

Christmas Plastic Crafts Decorations

Posted on Monday 28th of November 2016

The festive season is upon us and as an expensive time of year, it's the perfect opportunity to make the most of the materials you already have at home. As you may already know, plastic is a very useful material and is versatile enough for countless decorating objects. Not only can it be resilient and flexible, it can also offer a unique and quirky look which is ideal for Christmas. So to make the most of your leftover plastic this holiday, here's our ideas for Christmas crafts...Read More

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