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A4 Clear Plastic Sleeves

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All sizes are in mm.

Wallet sizes can be in increments of 1mm on one side (it doesn't matter which one) but can be any size up to 420 X 300mm.

Please ensure that you add extra width to allow space for your item. As a rough guide, add 5mm either side for an item as thick as a few sheets of paper. For thicker items, please add more. If you have any questions or don't know what size you need, please do contact us and we'll be happy to advise you

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Effectively store documents and paper with our bundles of A4 clear PVC wallets!

The perfect solution to storing or transporting important documents in the home or office, our 140 micron plastic wallets hold several sheets of paper or card, depending on weight and folding (contact us for friendly advice on sizing). They are far superior to standard plastic wallets, and providing long lasting and reliable protective coverings for paper.

Available in bundles, our A4 PVC sleeves can be used to keep any standard sized documents free from damage caused by damp, spills or dust.

  • Made from 140 Micron PVC plastic
  • Standard A4 size (220 x 307mm) - perfect for the office!
  • Keep documents safe and clean

    Wallet Options

    Plastic Wallets

    a clear 140 micron pvc, flat wallet in a simple square or rectangle shape, a single pocket designed to hold thin items like card, fabric and paper

    Open Long Side

    to access your item from an opening made on the long edge, easier access and better for ‘floppy’ items like receipts

    Open Short Side

    to access your item from an opening made on the short edge, best for cards or tickets

    Open Both Sides 'L Shaped'

    for an L-Shaped opening (one short edge and one long edge open) , provides the easiest access but not as secure as being open on one side only

    Hole Punch

    a 6mm hole punched through the open edge of the wallet to hang or tie the wallet on a lanyard, ribbon, strap or hook


    a semi-circle shape cut out of the open edge of the wallet to allow easy access to the contents

    Shipping notes:

    All of our plastic wallets, plastic sleeves and pockets are made on site in the UK. We're based in Newton Abbot in Devon and our customer support is based here too.

    If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do please click here to visit our About Us Page.

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